Mind your Bulge

What we hold in mind creates our reality. Weight related issues largely arise from mental, and emotional challenges that people face. People know what they should eat to lose weight. The issue is, they do not do what they know they need to do. Mind your Bulge assists people clear what is blocking them from following a healthy diet. By uncovering and clearing the emotional eating issues, limiting beliefs

and sabotage patterns that prevent them from following a healthy diet. Mind your Bulge assists with sustainable weight loss by releasing you from the trap of yo-yo dieting. It helps clear food addictions, teaches tools to prevent binge eating patterns and empowers you to follow a healthy diet, from a place of internal inspiration, which feels light and joyful for you. Being a dietitian and transformational coach, in individual consultations, I work with you personally to uncover and clear the hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your weight loss. You will leave the session feeling lighter, renewed, energized and inspired to follow a healthy eating plan.

What is your Bulge saying to you?

Our bodies gives us insight into what our subconscious is saying to us.    Different body parts point to different subconscious messages.

Where on your body does the fat bother you? What is your bodies message to you?

Watch this brief video for some insights ...

What are your weight loss sabotage strategies?

Some video insights to ponder ....