Years of research continue to expose the health danger of long term cell phone usage. 
The latest tests show 92% shielding effectiveness with RadiWise.

What is RadiWise & how does it work?

RadiWise is a protection disc made of a unique material that has been designed to help reduce the damaging radiation that cell phones emit when in operation. Over time with the use of a cell phone, the unwanted radiation can damage the health of the user.

We are now finding that children are even more at risk. Since a child's brain absorbs as much as 2x the radiation of adults. Smart cell phones are becoming an essential part of daily living, with many users spending more than two hours daily on their cell phones.

Simply install the RadiWise shield on your phone near the antenna. This allows the near field radiation plume to be significantly reduced. Attaching this revolutionary device to the back of your cell phone allows you to instantly receive the benefits of an over 90% shielding from the cell phone electromagnetic radiation.

RadiWise is guaranteed to last the life of your cell phone or tablet.

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