DNA Testing

Nutrigenomic research has shown how we can manage the expression of our genes by managing the environment related to diet, lifestyle and supplementation. Understanding your genetic profile will empower you to optimise your lifestyle and exercise choices to minimise any potential risk factors and optimise your performance. The different test options are:

DNA Health
This test assesses an individual risk for developing certain chronic diseases or altered metabolic processes. The biological pathways it focuses on are inflammation, oxidative stress, detoxification, methylation, lipid metabolism, insulin sensitivity, bone health, lactose intolerance and alcohol metabolism.

DNA Diet
This test assesses diet and lifestyle factors that contribute towards weight management; responsiveness to saturated & polyunsaturated fat and carbohydrate intake; obesity risk; eating behaviour (snacking) and taste preferences; as well as the amount and intensity of the importance of mono-unsaturated fat intake and exercise. 

DNA Sports Performance
This test analyses your genetic makeup relating to endurance potential, power potential, peak training time, recovery, injury risk, caffeine metabolism and salt sensitivity.

DNA Mind
This test assesses genetic variations that affect mental health. It looks at neurodegenerative disorders, by assessing markers that measure decline in cognitive abilities. It assess mood regulation and reports on bipolar, depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder. It also looks at genetic associated with addictive behaviours such as eating disorders, risk taking behaviour, substance use disorders such as nicotine, cannabis and opioid dependence.

DNA Oestrogen
This test assesses how we metabolise oestrogen and steroid hormones. It gives insight into your bodies detoxification pathways. If our bodies cannot adequately metabolise oestrogen adequately it causes harm to the body and increases our risk for cancer – such as breast, prostate and colon cancer. Improving oestrogen metabolism benefits women who suffer from estrogen dominant conditions such as endometriosis, PMS & fibroids.

DNA Skin
This test assesses skin health and aging risks. It analyses regulation of collagen formation which gives insight into the firmness & elasticity of the skin; sun sensitivity & pigmentation; sun damage; protection & repair mechanisms; protection from oxidative stress, detoxification and inflammation.


This test assesses the bodies responsiveness to prescription medication. Prescribing medicine according to an individual’s genetic profile improves drug efficacy, reduces drug-associated toxicity & side effects; and enhances patient outcomes. It reduces money spent on ineffective medications.