Family Constellations

When the order in a family dynamic is restored, love can flow.

Family constellations work on the premise that is stated in the scriptures,’ the children atone for the sins of their forefathers’. Whatever is excluded, unprocessed or unresolved in a previous generation will be carried in the family system and a following generation will carry it subconsciously out of love and loyalty to the family line.

Family constellations work on a soul level. They go deeper than ones rational thought and natural capacity to change. When a person is born into a family, they take on the whole family system as their inner image of life. This image of life from the family conscience, holds any unresolved issues from previous generations that are carried in love and loyalty to the family line. Constellations allow people to access the necessary knowledge or information to dissolve and heal repressed and subconscious information stored up in the family history. Issues are brought into the light and resolved, bringing natural order back into the system so the flow of love is restored. At the end of the constellation, the new family images replace the old inner image that the client had, and this new image then determines their life from then on. The changes result in a more harmonious state of being – we feel power, love and freedom when we are in harmony with the divine order of love in a family. People feel better about themselves and their relationships work better
The process of a family constellation, is that a client brings an issue that they want to resolve – it may be a personal issue, a family dynamic, a relationship issue, work issue – or any other matter that they would like to gain insight into and transform. They then position (or constellate) the key people or elements in the dynamic according to their inner view in relation to each other in the field/ constellation space – people, dolls, pieces of paper, cushions, chairs – can be used as representatives for the different elements. The representatives in their respective places are able to access the perceptions of the people they are representing. The facilitator questions the representatives one after another and works with them to help the client resolve the struggle by uncovering the hidden underlying truths so that the natural flow of love can be restored.  In the end, the client takes a position in the restored constellation and replaces the representative standing in for him/her in order to allow the new awareness to sink in. This makes the client aware of all the emotional entanglements they were carrying so they can be released.
Family constellations help people to make their problems visible and emotionally perceivable so that they can face them. They become conscious of hidden patterns and entanglements. It brings what lies in shadow into the light so it can be healed and integrated.

Family Constellations can be done in individual coaching sessions or in a Family Constellation Workshop