Silent Retreat

A Silent Retreat is a weekend away in the splendor of the nature where you can get out of your brain noise and connect with your soul. It is a powerful experience that will enable you to tap into the divine within you for restoration, rejuvenation and inspiration. In the stillness, you gain clarity, fresh insights and new perspectives. It will open the space for you to engage with different possibilities to take your life to a new dimension.

Upcoming Retreat Details

                   Friday 16 February – Sunday 18 February 2024
Time:                  The retreat will start at 14h30 on Friday and finish at 15h30 on Sunday.
Venue:      Amani House Retreat Center, Hout Bay, Cape Town
Investment:  R5 500 per person.                              
       Early Bird Special R4 950 if paid by 2 Feb 2024
       The retreat includes your own room with bathroom on-suite, vegan catering & facilitation.  


I went on my first Silent Retreat with Nicky recently.  Being a talker of note, I was very nervous as to what would transpire.What an amazing experience of self-discovery.  I would definitely recommend her retreats no matter where you are in your inner journey.  
As a novice on my path, I have most definitely experienced a profound shift on every level- emotionally, mentally and spiritually.
I was truly bowled over by the experience that no matter on which level the shift happens, it positively affects every other level.  My emotions have settled down and experiencing a glimpse of my spirit self motivated and inspired me to continue my inner journey of discovery and healing.
Nicky is an awesome facilitator, she radiates love and peace, as well as a profound sense of protection and safety.  She is always ready and available to support and assist wherever the need arises.  Thank you Nicky... you are much appreciated.
Elmarie Swartz, Midrand

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If you are wondering what a Silent Retreat is all about, read the Testimonial below from one of the participants ….


‘”So what is a silent retreat? Well from my point of view it sounded like bliss even if I was naive to the purpose, any opportunity to get some time out and leave the city behind can only be a treasure.

And a treasure it was, firstly Boondocks is nestled in such a magnificent part of our country, raw African bushveld surrounded by hills and mountains, gorges and streams, and a view that leaves you in awe. The lodge itself is superb, lending and blending itself to the environment and purpose at hand, an energy that embraces you wholly and frees you completely.

Not knowing all too well what to expect I was intrigued but quickly learned that a silent retreat is just that, silent. Boondocks is magnificently quiet and in this stillness you realise how disrupting the sounds of the city are, the constant talking is and how our daily lives are affected by this uninterrupted noise. Out here there is none of that suppressing noise what so ever!

We all had our own agenda and Nicky clearly spells that out, “set your intention” she encouraged, and promptly provided some enlightened material to get the momentum going. For me it was stillness and peace, my spirt was exhausted and I just wanted to rest and connect with nature and self. For the others they all had their own intentions, answers to questions, and discoveries to life, a way forward, and their own personal journey.

And this is what you discover, that in the silence once you start listening to your being, not to your words but your being, the discoveries are amazing.   I wandered what I was going to do for 48 hours, no cell phone reception, no TV, just about no contact to the outside world and not even a chance to engage with my friends and family around me, not even to the point of greeting them good morning or wishing them good night. Do you realise how strange it is to wake when you want to, to boil the kettle only for yourself, not to acknowledge the person you just walked past, but to hold them in your heart, it is unbecoming, awkward and bizarre yet incredibly powerful when you are committed and dedicated to you.

That’s what it’s about, time to your thoughts, your needs, your interests and your being. If you allow the others around you to gesture or touch you when you could be in a place of deep self-awareness, that answer you are seeking could be gone in an instant. So that is where the beauty is, everyone holds the space, there is no disrespect, on the contrary its complete respect in honour of the others around you. Just the knowing of them being around was comfort enough to know I was not alone.

48 Hours went by far too quickly, I acknowledged who I was, read amazing and insightful books, walked hand in hand with nature, embraced my body, took insights from the labyrinth, hugged the age old trees in gratitude for sharing their wisdom and stared wide eyed at the magnificent view for hours, simply because I could, because these 48 hours were mine and mine alone.

When our time was up, when it was time to break the silence, I was not ready because I was in admiration of what I had discovered without the influence of a gentle conversation, news headlines or a phone call. The insights were from a greater power found all around, found within and I needed more.

This is not what a silent retreat is all about, it’s what my silent retreat was all about and it was magnificent.

Thank you Nicky, you have opened up a new space for me.

Kind regards