List of Services

Transformation Coaching
Transform what is holding you back from fulfilling your true potential
Transformational Kinesiology
Identify and clear limiting beliefs, fears, and emotions that are sabotaging your success.
Family Constellations
Releasing traumas, from the family system to restore the order of love and belonging.                                                                                                         The Demartini Method
Transform your perceptions, to see the divine order and perfect love in all things.
 NBI Thinking Styles
Understand yourself and others to optimize the interaction personally, in business, and in education. 
Development through understanding your personality.
Mind your Bulge
Clear emotional factors driving eating behaviour.
Mind-Body Consultations
Clear emotional perceptions, causing disease.
Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
Clear stress, anxiety, emotional responses physiological symptoms and trauma.
Matrix Re-imprinting
Transform life traumas into powerful future possibilities.
Access Consciousness Bars
Defrag the hard drive of your brain and reboot to open up to new possibilities.
DNA Testing  
 Understand your genetics to optimise your health.